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"Thank you so much for your time yesterday.  I really appreciate you letting me tag along and explaining things in a way that I could understand.  I also appreciate how thorough you were in inspecting the house.  It was clear from the start that you were professional and experienced.  

We will certainly recommend you to any of our families and friends that need a home inspection and happy to leave a review on your website.  We are grateful for the service you gave us."  Jason B., Home Buyer

"I appreciate your help today. I can tell you have a lot of experience in this. I can definitely say I received some great insight on things I couldn't see myself. I will definitely tell anyone else that is going through this process about how well you did. I appreciate your service."  Daniel P., Home Buyer


" Thank you so much for your work! We greatly appreciate it! Additionally, I just wanted to express how nice it was to meet you and how pleasant you were to work with. My dad felt the same and mentioned how much he enjoyed working along side you. Thanks for understanding my wanting to include my dad in this process and for being so kind and accommodating. It meant a lot me me. "  Rebecca M., Home Buyer


"We really appreciate the time you took to walk us through your findings on the house. We were both very impressed with the service you provided and will absolutely be recommending you to our friends." TB, Home Buyer.

"It was wonderful to meet you too, thanks so much for your accuracy, honesty and quick turn around time.  It was a pleasure to work with you!  Thanks so much for making this process less stressful!" Julie L., Home Buyer

"Mark thank you, I appreciate your professionalism and timeliness and will be happy to partner with you in the future!"   Cheryl Weikel, ReeceNichols

"I think that was probably the most fun inspection we've ever had as well.  I am so impressed by your efficiency and attention to detail, you were a pleasure to work with.  Thanks so much for getting us the reports so quickly. Should we ever need an inspection in the future, we will definitely call you."  
Amy P., Home Buyer  

"You do an awesome job and I'll be calling on your services often!" Mikki Armstrong., ReeceNichols

"Mark Schultze is an extremely honest, knowledgeable and thorough inspector.  He wants to make sure your clients have a good experience, whether they are on the buying or selling side. He will report and document what he finds. Then it is the buyers and agent to decide where to go from there.  I recommend him without reservations."
Cathy Schmidt., Keller Williams

"Mark was excellent to work with. His inspection was so detailed and thorough and he took his time walking us through the house and explaining everything he saw. He really made us feel confident in our purchase decision. The next time we need a home inspection, we will definitely be calling Mark!"      
Kent H & Whitney R, Home Buyers


Marks History in Housing

Mark was born in Kansas City, Kansas and grew up 70 miles southwest of Kansas City in Waverly and has lived in the Kansas City area for the past 30 years.    His focus in serving home buyers and owners is based on a lifetime of working in construction, business and education.  Since the time he was in high school, he has been involved in building and repair of homes.  His father's business of Schultze's Building & Repair gave him the opportunity to learn almost every aspect of home construction and maintenance.  In college, he partnered with a friend to run a painting business that gave him experience in residential care and best practices.  After college, Mark continued to help many people with home projects by building decks, remodeling and fixing smaller issues like plumbing and electrical.  Along the way he also flipped homes by doing most of the work himself which kept him current on best practices in home care and provided insight into how to evaluate a house for purchase.   Mark sees his role in home inspection as educating the buyer about the home.  Six years as an educator and a life time of helping people allows him to communicate well and provide helpful information.  Mark knows that transactions involving homes are huge in the minds of those involved, and rightfully so.  He is committed to demonstrating care, professionalism and thoroughness in providing the best education and information about the house so that those involved in the transaction can make good decisions.  

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